Valentin Kirilov
Web Developer
About me

I am a software developer for six years (internet and desktop applications) and recreational designer. I like these things and I do them with pleasure and joy.
In the latest years I focused in Web development and worked on a lot of projects with different technologies including JavaScript, AngularJS, PHP, Python and many other.

My Projects

It’s a web tool for creating browser-based presentations with impress.js. All you need is time and imagination to make your presentation unique and awesome to impress your audience. Sign Up and start your first presentation now and FREE on

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Sometimes you have a lot of things on your mind and you cannot choose only one to do. We can help you..

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It's a simple game that challenges your brain and speed of reaction with a simple math problems. The game has a few different modes for playing and it allows you to play different levels and difficulties.

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Remake of the popular logic game. Sinle player, Multyplayer and more, but still work in progress.

Work in progress

This is a simple chat project which encrypts your messages with key par of public and private key. For now the work on this project is suspended but you can check the source and contribute.

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